THE WHO: Part 3


1964 was the year The Who became Whole. It was the year of metamorphosis for The Detours. There were name changes, new management, record company auditions and recordings but the single biggest change was the arrival of Keith Moon. Suddenly they were an anchored unit and the energy on stage attracted an audience that wanted more from their music. It was the year the band shed their cover band cocoon to emerge as a powerful R&B flavoured live wrecking crew. 

This is RockDocs Episode #3. If you haven’t heard The Who Part 2 check out Making the Scene first.

Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Pete Townshend


1964 – The Who Became Whole

1964 was the transformative year that changed the fortunes of The Who.

When The Who Became Whole

Keith Moon entered the fray in the spring of 1964, totally by chance.

What’s in a Name

Would The Who be The Who if they were still The Detours?

The Flop of “I’m the Face”

The first single Roger, John, Pete & Keith released was a flop. It wasn’t a bad song but…

The Battle of Brighton

The Who were on hand for the Mods & Rockers clashes in Brighton in spring 1964.


Pete Townshend introduces Gustav Metzger style auto-destructive art to mod fans.

Keith’s Drum Teacher

Keith learned the basics of drumming from one of the flash drummers of the 60’s.

The Pete Meaden Factor

Pete Meaden only worked with The Who for a short time but he played a key role in their ultimate success.

Rock Hallowed Ground

This “scruffy looking pub in Harrow” was a music hub in 1964 and helped create some significant moments in the history of rock.

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