Rock n roll was a phenomenon that grabbed the ears of post war kids all over the world in the late 50’s and early 60’s. While America boomed and prospered much of the rest of the world was pulling their lives out of the wreckage. Post war meant something totally different depending on where you lived and you can hear that difference in the music and message. These podcasts look at the variety of influences that shaped the sound of rock.

RockDocs Episode #1 – The History
RockDocs: Setting the Stage

World War II left Europe in tatters but out of the ashes rose a new sound in music and a youth culture that had never been seen before. American servicemen stationed in Europe had brought blues and rock n roll with them and they shared it via late night radio. UK youngsters were listening and the evolution of music from Big Band to Dixieland, Skiffle and Rock n Roll began. This show looks at how the war and growing up in post war London fuelled the talent and creativity explosion of the 60’s.