The Shows

My RockDocs journey is a meandering, but somewhat linear path through British music. As a fan I wanted to know why so many great musicians seemed to be born all at once. WAR appears to be at the root of it – its turmoil, technology and its aftermath. Episode #1 – Setting the Stage outlines how war shaped the music that would come. It’s a good place to start listening and you can find that show in The Back Story.

RockDocs: The Back Story

Rock n roll was a phenomenon that grabbed the ears of post war kids all over the world in the late 50’s and early 60’s. While America boomed and prospered much of the rest of the world was pulling their lives out of the wreckage. Post war meant something totally different depending on where you lived. You can hear that difference in the music and message. These podcasts look at the variety of influences that shaped the sound of rock

The Who Series

The Who were key players in shaping rock music as we now know it. They were instrumental in the development of the Marshall stack, pioneers in the use of feedback and synthesizers, they created the rock opera and have been called the grand “fathers” of punk. In this multi-part series I explore how four volatile and vibrant personalities came together to make music that would challenge their audience and their peers and ultimately help invent and shape a whole new genre of music.