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The Bands

The Who: Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

They were instrumental in the development of the Marshall stack, pioneers in the use of feedback and synthesizers, they created the rock opera and have been called the grand “fathers” of punk. In this multi-part series I explore how four volatile and vibrant personalities came together to make music that would challenge their audience and their peers and ultimately help invent and shape a whole new genre of music.  Listen here.

The History

Setting the Stage

World War II left Europe in tatters but out of the ashes rose a new sound in music and a youth culture that had never been seen before. American servicemen stationed in Europe had brought blues and rock n roll with them and they shared it via late night radio. UK youngsters were listening and the evolution of music from its roots in Big Band, Dixieland and early Rock n Roll began. This show looks at how the war and growing up in post war London fuelled the talent and creativity explosion of the 60’s. Listen here.