RockDocs Rocks!

I listen to many podcasts and RockDocs is absolutely one of my favorites. Informative and entertaining, Janet takes me back every time. Can’t wait for the next one.


RockDocs: THE WHO

What a great amount of interesting information about The Who and it’s members!
Going back to when they were wee lads in England after WW2, to….well, it isn’t finished yet! There’s more to come! And I can’t wait until the next installment. It’s fascinating and entertaining to hear about the turn of events that brought them to be the famous band that they are….their managers and their sometimes creative publicity stunts, the other musicians that were making it big at the time and the exciting rise of the British invasion. Janet has done a lot of research and has a way with words that takes you back to the day… and this podcast is super fun to listen to!

Connie Daye

RockDocs is worth the trip

RockDocs is a trip down memory lane however… there is much more here than just the great rock tunes. Lots of behind the scenes treats to savour fuelling the desire to hear and know more. I’m enjoying the energy of the host and her passion for all things in the world of rock and roll-the Who’s influences, the London scene, and the ups and downs of the band. It’s all here to enjoy for Who fans everywhere!

Jeanette D

RockDocs Rocks!

I’m a full-fledged Who Fan and I am loving these RockDocs and Janet’s very informative and enthusiastic presentations. One of the great benefits of these is you get to hear songs all the way through and not just snippets. She’s done her research and delivers it in a very smooth and listenable style. It’s a joy to listen.

“Setting the Stage”, “The Back Story” and “Side Trax” are also very good.

Highly recommended!

KC Loewen

Love this Podcast!

I’ve known Janet Eastman for years! Her passion for rock, research and sharing stories via research or interviews is legendary. Her podcasts are well-produced and informative. But, best of all, I love the music!

Dennis Fletcher

Love RockDocs!

So fun to listen to and the QuikHits too!

Jagger Davis