RockDocs Episode #5

In the summer of 1964 everything changed for The Who with that chance appearance of Kit Lambert at the Railway Hotel. He and Chris Stamp would have an indelible impact on the Who, so much so they became known as the 5th & 6th members of the band.

The Who: Part 4

Snakes & Ladders

By August 1964 The Detours had become The Who and then The High Numbers. Their first single had fizzled upon release in July while at the same time their peers hit success. Beatlemania was in full swing, The Kinks and The Stones had number one hits and the Animals, Manfred Mann and Hermans Hermits were also finding chart success. But fortunes were about to change with the arrival of Lambert and Stamp. Inspired by The High Numbers the would be moviemakers transformed into managers and they threw themselves into the role. They instinctively knew how to work with the band and within 6 months The Who would have their first hit.


The Who Audition for the BBC

It was close but The Who did pass the audition to be on the BBC’s Top of the Pops. See them perform it from 1965

The Lambert & Stamp Factor

These two guys would have an indelible impact on The Who.

Maximum R&B at The Marquee

How The Who attracted an audience to The Marquee for gigs that would become legendary.

Be Careful What You Wish For

How The Who captured their early sound on record.

The Power of Change

Small changes over just 6 months totally transformed The Who for success.

The Who’s First Hit

The musical influences that helped Pete Townshend write I Can’t Explain.

The Goldhawk Manifesto

A chance discussion with fans gives Pete Townshend a reason to write songs.

Dark and Hot and Steaming

The Railway Hotel was an incubator for The Who, offering the perfect conditions for growth as a band.

Ready Steady Go!

In January 1965 The Who make their mark with a colourful debut appearance on Ready Steady Go!

The Lambert Master Plan

Manager Kit Lambert got the best out of The Who by encouraging their worst behaviour.