“I know it’s only rock n roll but I like it.”

Music has an incredible power. It can transport you.  It can take you back in time, make you feel powerful, happy, incredibly sad. These words and notes from strangers can cut to the very quick of your soul and they can link us together in a shared humanity. That’s what I find so great about music.

I have been a music fan for as long as I can remember. I’ve always studied liner notes and lyrics, trying to get a handle on where musicians get their spark of brilliance. I’ve always wondered…where did these people come from? What was their background and upbringing? How did that shape who they are, and the music they made? But my biggest question has always been…How did all that come together in the 60’s so those people could invent a whole new genre of music?

I decided to satisfy my curiosity by creating RockDocs.

So now I’m on a fan’s journey exploring the history of rock one band at a time. It’s a journey I have been on all my life, from my early days listening to my parent’s classic country, to K-Tel records and Motown, through to a career on rock radio (yup, that’s me circa who knows!) and TV.

Most RockDocs shows are part of a multi-episode series on a single band because these are great stories that can’t be told in a single podcast with only a few songs. So far what I have learned is that “time and chance happen” and sometimes the results are incredible.

I hope you find something you want to hear. I hope you learn something new and that you enjoy the journey as much as I am. And if you do, please subscribe at the button below and share RockDocs with your friends. But mostly I hope you appreciate and value what these people gave us and I hope you support them by buying their music.

So welcome to it! Thanks for listening.


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